Locations in the Cord Wheaton Saga

Locations mentioned in the zombie series starring Cord Wheaton are real. They exist. The author has visited many of them personally. These are listed in reverse order so you can see where the latest action takes place. They are listed in the first episode they appear in. Since JoJo’s is Cord’s favorite hangout, it appears throughout the series.

The story begins in his hometown, St. Petersburg, FL.

Episode 5

Episode 5 moves back closer to St. Pete (when it’s not in the city), to the town of Odessa, and specifically mentions the convenience store, AmVets Post 9, and preschool on Black Lake Road. Other sites are located nearby, but non-specific. The St. Pete location is Cord’s non-specific house in the Northeast section near downtown.

Episode 4

Episode 4 continues more away from St. Pete than in it as the couple, Cord and Jenny, travel to her parent’s place up near Perry. I looked at some of the roads up there to see about where they might be, but made up the actual location.

Episode 3

Cord begins lessons at the dojo at Nihonzashi, where he buys his first practice sword called an Iaito. Thanksgiving dinner is at Jenny’s aunt and uncle’s place up near Gainesville and Alachua – a farm in the hills. Jenny has moved into the Signature in downtown St. Petersburg.

Episode 2

The Halloween episode. The action climaxes at the Pier during Thrill St. Pete.

Episode 1

We meet our hero, newly promoted St. Petersburg police detective Cord Wheaton. He prepares to meet someone at his favorite dinner place, JoJo’s in Citta. He loves Italian food. The main venue where the action takes place is the Palladium Theater.


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