Author Give Back special!

Smashwords Author Give Back is a sale Smashwords is holding to help those home bound during the COVID-19 pandemic. I only have 2 books on that platform, the very first ebook single in the Cord Wheaton Saga series, The Undead President, and the first full book in the series, Zombie Origins. Through May 31 they are 60% off, which means you can pick up the single for FREE, and/or the book for only $1.60.

Go to Smashwords for the Author Give Back special and if you have to, apply a coupon. Here are the coupon codes: (They are not case-sensitive, so you don’t need to capitalize them.) (Click on the title to go to the Smashwords store.)

Zombie Origins: PB45W price: $1.60 (Originally 3.99)

Undead President: AL56Y price: FREE (Originally 0.99)

If you want both, you can use coupon code: QY59T

zombie origins cover, Author Give Back

I sincerely hope you are staying safe during these trying times, and have avoided as much difficulty as possible. I appreciate all the support of my writing endeavors, and hope to come out with the next episode sometime this year.

Pandemic Support

It is amazing to see so many people helping each other, and small businesses doing what they can to support their employees. There is a lot of good going on at this time. It’s my sincere hope that even after this pandemic fades (to where we can resume somewhat normal lives) we can maintain our support for our neighbors and those less fortunate. A great society is one that places its highest values on its people. Everything else is secondary and in support of that. You may call me naive, and dreaming, but without dreams there is no growth. There is no reaching for what some would consider unattainable, until you attain it. Consider what this one man inspired.

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