Art Walk Zombie Specials

Art Walk Zombie Specials Saturday, Dec 17 in Gulfport

I’ll be at a booth at the Gulfport Art Walk with authors Bria Burton, Grandpa Tic , and John Rehg on Saturday, Dec 17, from 6-10pm, with some specials just in time for the holiday gift-giving. Or, if you have all your presents, stop by and chat about anything and pick up a few freebies.

These are always fun events, with great food from the restaurants in the city of Gulfport, music, and of course the street vendors. Weather is forecast to be excellent, and we’ll be just up from the Mangia restaurant.

You may wonder, JG, where’s the next zombie episode? When’s book 4 coming out? Both good questions, which I’ll be happy to answer at the art walk! I might just need you to be in the story!

Bria has also set up a Facebook event, so you can hop on there as well and say hi.

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