Zombies, Zombies, Zombies Means Fun, Fun, Fun

Zombies, Zombies, Zombies Means Fun, Fun, Fun

(Until Daddy took her katana away.) Yes, I’m back. Not baaack, just back. And Zombies will be, too! I’m working on episode 19 of The Cord Wheaton Saga. It’s gonna be fun. Filled with zombies, too! Which reminds me to tell you – I’m going to move the stories from the Horror category into maybe the Thriller one as these aren’t really horror stories. They don’t get real gross, for the most part. (Sorry to those who like gross stories.)

I hope to have something ready, not in time for Halloween, unfortunately, but maybe in time for Thanksgiving. So, what I’m thinking of doing is offering free downloads to two timely episodes, episodes 1 and 2 (or at least 1).

The Undead Candidate

Right in time for this presidential election season, which is by far the oddest one I’ve witnessed, is the very first episode in the series: The Undead Candidate. After getting 3 stories published about our hero, St. Petersburg detective Cord Wheaton, I decided to begin the series. (The first two stories written are actually episodes 6 and 7 in the series, and one story did not make it into the series.)

cover of The Undead Candidate zombies story

More zombies more fun means as we near the apocalypse, we’re going to see more zombies. Duh! That’s what zombie stories are for, isn’t it? So that’s what I’m getting ready for the latest episode, as yet untitled.

As always, one of the special things about this series is that it includes REAL PEOPLE! That’s right. I invite those who want to be a part of the story to contact me and let me know what kind of character you want to be. Some opt for being themselves, some opt not. (Or at least, I hope not.)

If you are not an adult, I use your first name only, and make up the character based on your preference (good guy, bad guy). In addition, Mike and Sherry from the Nihonzashi Sword Store and Dojo have graciously granted me permission to use them as they are, and I’ve used them as a resource on getting some technical details right. How incredible that we have our very own real samurai sword store!

Additional shout outs and thank yous to Darren and Missy of The 5K Zombie Run, (My apologies for not being able to make them this year, as they are also expanding to Orlando.), and to Pinellas Park High School, where the books are available from their library (and thanks to the students, some of whom are in the book!)

Stay tuned for updates!

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