Zombie Events

Zombie Events 1: 5K Feb 27

It’s the weekend. Last weekend of the month, and I’m working on episode 18, currently titled: Camp Zombie. Another real person will be introduced. This has always been a fun part about writing these stories. The plan is to release the episode before the upcoming 5K Zombie Run in Largo on Feb 27. These are always a lot of fun. And something they started at the end of last year is that they do a 5k Color Run the same day!

Zombie Events 2 (kind of): Book Signing Feb 5

In addition to signing books and other cool things and having some freebies as well, at the above mentioned zombie run, I’ll be at the Gulfport Art Walk this coming Friday, Feb 5, in Gulfport, FL. This event, which I’ve participated in on both the first Friday (as is coming up) and the 3rd Saturday of a month, is fun but the weather is unpredictable. The people are nice, some are interesting, and we’ve been able to set up in several different locations, which generates new traffic patterns.



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