Zombieween Available

Zombieween available in time for Halloween

I’m happy to announce the availability of Zombieween, episode 17 in The Cord Wheaton Saga on Kindle. The series had taken a break since early this year, but now is back building book 4. (Title not yet determined.) Here’s the cover:

cover of Zombieween


FREE this weekend!

It will be a free download this weekend, Oct 31-Nov 1 2015, in celebration of Halloween, obviously! You can download it here. For those with Prime, it’s always a free borrow.

Zombieween continues Cord’s quest to stop the zombie epidemic from becoming an apocalypse, and features a new restaurant, The Mill, in downtown St. Petersburg. (Which means I now need to get there and try it out!)

As you know, I like to mention real locations, and I use maps to verify that the streets Cord travels are real streets (for the most part – some I’ve made up, but very few). I also include real people if they want to be in the story. Adults can choose to be themselves or a character, teens and children can lend me their first name.

This episode introduces a new bad guy, Sam, using the name of a real person. We had 2 sign up at the last Gulfport Art Walk, and the second person will be introduced in the next episode.

Upcoming Appearances

I’ll be signing and selling books at the Tampa Bay Book Fair on Saturday, Nov 7, 2015, at Park Station in Pinellas Park (Park Boulevard at 58th St.), from 2-8pm. This looks to be a fun event with local authors, readings, panels, etc. Come out and meet those who enjoy telling a good story. I’ll have Zombieween available for a free download this day, too.

On Saturday, Dec 19, 2015, I’ll be sharing a booth with local author Bria Burton at the Gulfport Art Walk in Gulfport, Florida. That event runs from 6-10pm. Enjoy a nice dinner at one of the great restaurants there and stroll the vendors. Just make sure to stop in and say hi!

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