Cord Wheaton Book 4 Call for People

Cord Wheaton Book 4 Call for People – Zombies

As always, I enjoy including real people in the stories about Cord Wheaton and the approaching zombie apocalypse. Also any story ideas are welcome as well. It was a blast writing the first 3 books, comprising the first 16 episodes (unless I can’t count, but it seems that was the number I ended up at) of the saga.

In the zombie genre, it’s difficult to be original, and I’ve evolved the story to try to add original wrinkles. I think the fact that after 3 books our story still hasn’t reached an apocalyptic stage is saying something. Other stories start there. We’re still on the approach.

Cord Wheaton Book 4 will begin, or the episodes that make up the book, will or should begin this fall. It was nice to take a few months off, and I, or my alter egos, have projects fighting for time, so we’ll see how it goes. I might just release an episode for free on the website, and then the entire book at a single shot. That’s still up in the air.

Who Do You Want to Be?

In Cord Wheaton book 4, our detective is still chasing his nemesis and the evil group he’s affiliated with – and one of the bad guys’s name is from a Florida high school student. Do you want your name in the book? If you’re out of high school, you can be featured as yourself. (Or as a fictitious character, if you’d like.) If you’re under 18, then I will only use your first name for a character. Just let me know what kind of character you want to be, and whose side you want to be on.

Book Signings

I was at the July 3rd Gulfport Art Walk, and hope to be back there in October. Will I have some more giveaways then? Most likely the answer is YES! So I’d love to see you come up and support a local zombie author, or, author of zombie stories, that is! I haven’t changed yet! (Haven’t been bitten, you know?)

Will book 4 be available then? Probably not, though the first episode may be out. As always, you can get any of the books/episodes from my Amazon author’s page author page on Amazon.



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