Zombie Key – episode 16 – is here!

Zombie Key, Episode 16 is now available on Kindle!

Episode 16, the last in the series that makes up book 3, is now available here. It is FREE Friday and Saturday, Jan 30-31, 2015. Just in time for Super Bowl weekend! When the game gets boring (if it does), or in between watching the commercials, you can read this episode.

Here’s the cover: (with thanks to Seth on Flikr for the photo of Egmont Key!)

zombie key cover

Follow Cord Wheaton and his ZIT force team members, and his girlfriend Jessica, as they keep working to stop the apocalypse. Will they be successful? I’m not taking any bets! With a new villain, new support members, and the ongoing chase to find a cure or antidote (can you reverse zombie-ism? umm, sorry, don’t think so), this episode is packed with action (as the editor observed).

Tierra Verde and Fort DeSoto

Every episode features real locations in Florida, and this episode is no exception. Though I didn’t name one of the stores in the story (though it is real), and I made up another one (hey, it’s fiction, what do you expect?), the drive through Tierra Verde and Fort DeSoto are real.

I don’t write anything bad about the real locations, and I also feature real people (or their names if they’re in a character’s role) when they’ve given me permission to do so.

The 5K Zombie Run on Feb 28

This weekend will be busy with producing book 3, Zombified Florida (you saw the title here first!), which will be available at the5kzombierun in Largo on Saturday, Feb 28, 2015, where you can pick up a signed copy of any or all the books in the series cheap!

I’ll be signing books and giving away treats. Join in the fun and get some exercise while you’re at it! This is a great family event (really!), and I’ve enjoyed working with Darren and Missy (the organizers) over the series of runs. I can’t tell you how wonderful and fun the event is – you’ll just have to come out and see for yourself!


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