Flight from the Zombies Released

Flight from the Zombies – in time for The5KZombieRun in Tampa (Lutz)

Flight from the Zombies, episode 15 in The Cord Wheaton Saga and the latest in the series, is released on Kindle. It will be a FREE download Saturday through Monday, 11-08 to 11-10.

This episode begins where the last one left off, at the end of The 5K Zombie Run in Sarasota. Continuing the story of how one detective fights to prevent a zombie apocalypse, the action moves back to St. Pete amidst bodies separated from their heads, people running left and right, and general mayhem with a touch of humor, commentary, and mystery thrown in for spice.

Here’s the cover of the new story:

Flight from the Zombies Cover

Another Signing Event – Lake Park, Lutz – Saturday, November 8

You’ll find me at the 5k zombie run signing books, giving away freebies, and working with Soul Attitude Press, we are offering Spring Brain, episode 8 and the first in book 2 free over the weekend as well, and are again joined by Tic Rawghers as he offers his humorous diatribe on exercise: I Didn’t Run Today and My Body Thanked Me – FREE all weekend long.

Should be a fun day at the park, at least for me as I won’t be running from zombies. The crowd should be fantastic, and the spectators get in free. (Might be a park fee of $2.)

Upcoming Events

I’ll also be signing books for Florida Independent Bookstore Day on Nov 15 – a Saturday. I’ll update with time and place as soon as that’s finalized, but it will be in St. Pete. I’ll be working with other authors from Soul Attitude Press, and hope you can come out and say hi. We can talk about upcoming episodes. My goal is to get book 3 out in time for the 5k zombie run in Largo in February, but I think I’ll need 2 more episodes to do that (Dec/Jan).


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