The 5K Zombie Run Tampa

The 5K Zombie Run Tampa is coming!

Yes, I’ll be there, signing books, enjoying the people, and hopefully seeing you. We took a drive last weekend to check the place out, and it looks good. It’s a morning run, so you should be home in time for…whatever. If you do make it, look for me at the booth that has this sign (not sure if it will be hanging off the table or the top):

Booth banner

I’ll have some other goodies there, too. (No, not leftover Halloween candy.) Spectators are free, but the park has a $2 entrance fee.

Episode 15 in Development

I’m working on episode 15 and hope to have that available on the day of the run as well. I had considered naming it Run Zombie Run Part 2, but then realized that the run was in the morning, and zombies sleep in! (Don’t they?) Well, mine don’t like sunlight, anyway, so they won’t be there. But Cord might stop by.

Anyway, it’s shaping up and the first chapter is written. It will be close, but I’m aiming to have the next 3 episodes out and the 3rd book in time for the Largo run in February. I’ll release the title once I’ve got a firm grip on it – just playing with a couple options right now.

In this episode Cord gets back home from the Sarasota zombie run and finds things generally falling apart (aren’t they always?). He’s got to keep adapting and moving to try to stop the apocalypse from happening. It hasn’t, yet, but seems to me his chances are growing slimmer by the episode.


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