The 5K Zombie Run is Incredible

The 5K Zombie Run is Incredible – an event worthwhile even if you aren’t a participant

I was there! The 5K Zombie Run held Oct 11 in Sarasota was a night run, and with good reason. The sudden warm spell (don’t we always call them cold spells?) brought back a hot day, searing sun, and sweat. When we set up, we had front row seats to the sun, forcing me at times to stand inside the tent. (I didn’t have it pushed to its highest setting, I don’t think, so I could stand up but the rim blocked the sun.)

Author at 5K Zombie Run

People stopped by. Friendly people. People dressed funny. Well, it was a zombie run, what did you expect? I took it all in, with my wife assisting me and sometimes reminding me by example to get out and say hello.

the sheriff at the 5k zombie run

The sun dropped quickly, and for a short while as the night cooled off we enjoyed the growing crowd, a crowd filled with kids of all ages, from babies in strollers to grandparents coming to watch.

Not Everyone Runs – or Eats

So not everyone is here to run; you can come and just watch and enjoy the show. I wandered around and looked at the start/finish line, the people getting sprayed with blood, the kids burning energy too soon, in my opinion. I forgot that they had boundless energy and would continue using it through the night. Maybe the smoothie truck or the shaved ice truck had something to do with that, maybe not.

We had set up right next to the pizza booth, with a plush toy booth to our left. The pizza booth reminded me of working past school carnivals; one of the booths I worked on year was a pizza booth, with the portable warmer, the workers calling out for what pizza to pull for someone.

And that’s what this felt like – a family festival. Everyone filled with a common friendship, a bond built on zombies and having fun.

If you’ve never been, there are 2 more coming up, one next month in Tampa and then early next year in Largo. I suggest you take some time and head out to one of these to see what you’re missing. And if you’re in the mood, sign up and join in the fun, either running from the zombies, or being one, chasing the runners.


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