Zombie Forest FREE Plus 1 more

Zombie Forest FREE download!

Zombie Forest is a free download Thursday and Friday, 9/18 – 19 here. It’s finally arrived, episode 13 in The Cord Wheaton Saga. Zombie Forest takes place in St. Pete and up to Goethe State Forest near Dunnellon. When I originally wrote episode 12, Zombie Quarantine, it was actually a combination of episodes 12 and 13. But my editor said, “Hey, that’s too long. Unless you’re doing a novel, a series reader wants a quicker read.” So, I listened and split them up. Got busy with other things as well, so this episode took longer to get out than it should have.

Zombie Forest cover

Only one episode free? No!

Spring Brain FREE download, too!!

We’re going crazy, readers! Spring Brain, episode 8, and the first one of book 2 of the Cord Wheaton Saga, (Zombie Menace), will be free tomorrow, 9-17. You can download it here. Get a taste of the journey that began with the second book (and is continuing in the 3rd, which is being built, so far with episodes 12 and 13).

Spring Brain

Book Signing in October

I’ll also be signing books and giving away bookmarks next month at the 5k Zombie Run(night run!) in Sarasota. I hope to see some of you there. It looks like a really cool event. You can check out their events here.

And for this event, I expect episode 14 will be available as a free download all weekend (and you can download it at the run, if so inclined).

Where to next?

You may be wondering where the series is heading. So am I! Well, not entirely. I know the next episode will find detective Wheaton traveling to Sarasota because of the zombie run, and will encounter . . . well, you’ll see! (Zombies, of course, but how? What will happen?) This will be the 3rd episode in book 3, and there will probably be 2 more before the compilation into a book is completed. If I can manage it, I’m going to aim for a January release of book 3 (with episodes 15 and 16 coming out in Nov/Dec). I’ve got to get to planning!!!

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