Zombie Forest Coming Soon

Zombie Forest Coming Soon!

Zombie Forest, episode 13 of The Cord Wheaton Saga, is in publishing and should be ready for free downloads this week! (I’ll update this post once it’s all set, hopefully later today.)

Follow the detective as he continues his fight to prevent an apocalypse. This episode includes the Nihonzashi dojo, where I was able to watch a Japanese master teach the students. To meet him afterward – wow! What an honor.

The locations included in this episode include Goethe State Forest, (that’s why it’s called Zombie Forest), St. Petersburg, Jo-Jo’s in Citta, and the Inglis, FL area.

Here’s the cover for the story:

Zombie Forest cover

The 5K Zombie Run – At Night!!!

The 5K Zombie Run will feature a night run next month, on October 11th, in Sarasota. I’ll be there signing books and giving away bookmarks. I’d love to see you, and I’ll have some specials as well. This is run by a great group, and I’m looking forward to meeting them face-to-face. Also, they will be featured in episode 14: Run, Zombie, Run, due out by the day of the race with free downloads. Their logo: (with my enhanced border)

The 5K Zombie Run

Get in the Story!

Yep, you read that right. Do you want to be included in an upcoming episode? Could you stand the fame and notoriety? I include real locations in my stories whenever possible, so you can actually follow Cord as he goes around fighting zombies and trying to stop the growing epidemic. In some cases, real people have graciously given me permission to use them in the story – such as the owners of the Nihonzashi Sword Store and Dojo. They are my technical consultants on real Japanese weaponry. (And when I get it wrong, it’s because I didn’t ask them about it first!)

The owners of The 5K Zombie Run will be in episode 14 – running for their lives! Umm, maybe. Don’t know yet, as I haven’t written the story. It’s still being outlined, the possibilities still swimming around my cerebral neuron pool.

If you’d like to be mentioned, or used, send me a message using the Contact page.

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