Cord Wheaton Episode Coming Soon

Cord Wheaton Episode 13

Cord Wheaton episode 13 – still untitled, is coming soon, and I just wanted to give you a heads up. I had initially combined 12 and 13 into one episode, but readers said that was too much, and too long. So I cut it up and delivered 12, and then fell asleep.

Cord continues to pursue the truth behind the growing infection, and continues to fight to stop the apocalypse. Will he be successful? Will he discover the truth? Do I sound like a 70’s sitcom about a caped crusader??

Book 3 Status and Miscellaneous

Of course, this could put me near the halfway point of completing book 3. I will send out updates as I get nearer the completion date. I’m also looking to expand distribution, and if anyone wants to share inputs as to where they’d like to see the story go – well, I’m not saying I would do that, but I will consider all suggestions.

The long hot summer has begun! Curl up in the A/C with a good book!

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