High School Assignment – Part 2: Zombie Origins

High school assignment

Another display based on Zombie Origins, this one by Kyle. Great job, Kyle!

I’ve decided that in Book 3 there will be 2 new characters (good guys), going by the names of Aaron and Kyle. Thanks to both of them for reading the book and using it in class!

Here’s Kyle’s: (See previous post for Aaron’s)


In fact, I’m creating a new category – school, to make it easier to find the students’ work.

Next Episode progress

Progress on the next episode is going well. It wasn’t, but then I visited Nihonzashi Sword Store and Dojo. As you know, Mike and Sherry have given permission to be used as real characters in the story. Many locations and businesses are real, but people involved in them are fictitious. The exception being the Femals. They are wonderful people and I hope to be there next month signing copies of both books during an event they are hosting with an esteemed visitor from Japan.

Episode 12 will focus on St. Petersburg, but after an evening discussion with Mike and Sherry it clarified for me some of the direction I want to take. And what weapons I want to use in the story. I’m still aiming for an end of January publication date, and will update you as the time draws near and the story nears completion.


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