Zombie Origins News

So I was all set to announce a great deal on Zombie Origins, the compilation of the first seven episodes of The Cord Wheaton Saga, when I read the fine print and realized I was ahead of the game!

Kindle Matchbooks

What’s the announcement? As you can guess from the heading, I’ve enrolled the book in Amazon’s Kindle Matchbook program, which means that if you buy the paperback from them you can get the Kindle version at less than 50% of the price. No matter when you bought the paperback!

But, it won’t open until October! So consider this an advance press release, I suppose. Coming this October, the Kindle version will be 1.99 with purchase of the paperback.

In the Meantime

I’ll be working on Episode 10, hoping to release it this month, September. And considering what I want in episodes 11 and 12 as well. I am planning on wrapping up the episodes for book 2 with episode 12. But we’ll see if all goes as planned or not.


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