Cord Wheaton Saga Episode 10 in development


The Cord Wheaton Saga episode 10, currently unnamed, is in development. I’ve begun writing the first scene and have mapped out some of the story. I find it difficult to map out an entire story before wanting to get some scenes down, so I came up with a very general and minimalistic outline – too much still to be filled in – and began writing.

Picking up from episode 9 there are several loose ends I want to tie up or move further along as our hero, Cord Wheaton, battles forces pushing the world to the zombie apocalypse. I’ve decided on the method of transmission (or how it started, as once you’re bit you’ll eventually transform – not as fast as in World War Z, of course, but that needed it because of movie requirements for action) but it won’t be unveiled in this episode.

More twists and turns await, and I’m still considering what events I might use for commentary (as most of the episodes have some comment on current affairs).

Thanks for following!

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