Spring Brain is here! And Free!

I’m happy to announce that Spring Brain, episode 8 in the Cord Wheaton Saga, has finally hit the electronic shelves and is a FREE download over the next 5 days, from Sunday, Jun 2 through Thursday, Jun 6. You can get it here.

The action heats up as the Saga begins Book 2. More zombies, more slicing, and a new girlfriend for our hero to rescue.

Did I say Book 2? Oh yeah, the second announcement begins now. Book 1, Zombie Origins, is now out in paperback! You can get it here and here. If you are near me and would like an autographed copy, contact me and we can arrange that.

Book 1 was about the origins of zombies. Book 2 is about the response to the pandemic. Book 3 will be about the apocalypse. Roughly speaking, that is, since I haven’t written anything past episode 8.


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