Coming Friday – the next episode


Episode 6 of The Cord Wheaton Saga, the title still somewhere in my head, should be available this Friday! I’m working on a cover over the next few days, and finishing up the latest revision as well.

This one is the longest one to date at almost 50 pages and over 10,000 words. I hope you find it exciting. Riveting. Episode 7 will be the last of this part of the storyline.

This one is based on the original story that sparked the idea for the series: Slicing Through St. Pete – published back in 2010 by now defunct ZombieNation Publishing. It took me about 30 pages to connect from where I was in Nightmare in Odessa. (That story, by the way, was adapted from another episode that did not meet with an editor’s approval. It was originally titled Sword of Odessa, and also underwent some modification to fit into the series as it developed.)




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