Episode 6 in Revision Mode

Episode 6 is currently in revision mode. This one is currently titled Siege in St. Pete – but I’m open to suggestions. It’s based loosely on the original story I wrote that launched this whole idea: Slicing Through St. Pete, a short one (under 3500 words I think), and as I merged the current story line into it I was able to keep some things, but discarded others.

In talking to a reader who just finished episode 1, The Undead Candidate, I was awakened to a gigantic logic hole that had developed as I morphed the story (due to trying to be as unique as possible after watching several zombie movies and TV shows). Episode 6 will begin tying them together and episode 7 will wrap up the origin series – how I determine that the whole zombie thing started.

Anyway, the story involves St. Petersburg now, as Cord Wheaton is focused on what’s happening back home, with dead bodies showing up with greater and greater frequency.

Stay tuned.


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