Release date approaching – and the zombies are falling

One more week until the fourth episode goes to…byte manipulation? Digital print sounds so lame.

Anyway, the climactic scene is finished and the resolution will wind up tonight or tomorrow, and more reviews will be completed, and then…and then…presto, uploado, it will be on sale.

This has been a fun one to write, but I see a dangerous trend developing here, as far as my time goes: This will be the longest episode, probably around 40 pages and 9-10,000 words. Each episode has been longer than the previous, and what started out as a, “Five to six thousand words is a nice target,” has become a, “Can I keep it under 10k?”

But when you’re writing to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix and Head East, to name a few, the words come spilling out faster than blood from an open artery.

Okay, that’s gross. Or is it? If you’re reading about zombies…but, one thing you’ll notice in these stories is, at least in the beginning, the zombies don’t play a major role. (Though that appears to be changing.)

I read several articles on the zombie research blog here. I take issue with the one about a Katana sword not being a good zombie weapon. I have seen real, authentic swords (not the cheap knock-off replicas I think they were talking about), and yes, they can cut very, very easily. I observed Tameshigiri – cutting, and it was incredible at the local dojo. There’s also a dvd of this from Cold Steel, demonstrating their effectiveness. They have a video on their website.

I’ll announce publication next weekend, so…stay tuned!

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