Happy (Zombie) Thanksgiving!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you find something or someone to be grateful for this year. I was able to visit the dojo last night and watch Tamashigiri. What an amazing thing! How effortlessly the swords cut through the tatami omote. Then I was able to attempt cutting it with a small knife. Hopeless!

I’ll use what I learned last night in the coming episodes of the Cord Wheaton Saga. Stay tuned – the Christmast story is coming soon. Thanks, Mike and Sherry!

The Thanksgiving story, Of Wishbones, Stuffing, and Zombies, is still FREE! Today and tomorrow are the last open days for everyone – then only Prime members will be able to download it without cost. (Though the cost is minimal.)

You can also jump to my author page on Amazon from the link on the upper right titled JGM Books.



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