Episode 3 Draft 1 Complete!

The first draft of episode 3 is complete. This past weekend I spent some time with the nicest people, Mike and Sherry Femal of Nihonzashi Sword Store and Dojo. They have been very helpful in explaining to me the art of the Japanese samurai. As that becomes an integral part of Cord Wheaton’s story, I was happy to find a local place I could visit, rather than having to communicate via email with someone.

It’s great having experts in our backyard! I’m still on track for a mid-November publication date, and will mention here when I’ve uploaded the story – meaning it should be available on the regular websites in a couple days. (It will be available here at that time. Since I control this one, there is no waiting and validation. It will all be done prior to my upload.)

We’ve had one entry for a title. And I’ve still got to build a cover for it, though some pictures have come to mind.

More later,


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