Episode 3 Taking Shape!

Greetings, zombie and Cord Wheaton fans!

(Or whoever you are following in the Cord Wheaton Saga.)

I’ve begun the next episode, and again the offer is on the table – you name the title – you get acknowledgement in the ebook. We had one submission on the last one, but I chose a different name (and different than my working title as well). In order to keep things open, I’m not using a working title on this one. It’s just episode 3. It’s about Thanksgiving. I’ll say no more!

Oh, I will say one thing more as I near 1000 words in the story (the first scene – which is now complete). This episode will be free! Yes, that’s right. Free! It’s my Thanksgiving gift to you, readers, as a way of saying thanks for all your support.

I am planning on a release closer to the holiday, but hopefully more than a week prior. The Halloween episode was a little late due to unforeseen circumstances. (What if circumstances are foreseen? What would that mean?)

I look forward to your inputs.


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