Name that story Contest!

Yes, you read that right, name the story! What am I talking about? How often have you looked at a book and put it back down, the title uninviting? Or started to read it and wonder, “Who came up with that title?”

Well, I’m here to give you an opportunity to name that story! Any in the Cord Wheaton Saga series are up for grabs. Stay tuned as working titles are revealed and a brief synopsis posted. If you’re interested, just insert your title in the message box of the Contact Form and send it to me. Include your name and email address so you can be properly credited and rewarded.

If you are the winner you will receive an all-expenses paid…copy of the book! (That means it’s free to you.) Also, you will receive acknowledgement on the copyright page! Yes, it will say something like, ‘Title imagined by Your Name.’

Title to be determined by Oct 15 for episode 2: Help! A Zombie Took My Candy!

(That’s the working title.) Episode 2 takes place in St. Petersburg on the weekend Halloween celebration called Thrill St. Pete where our hero, detective Cord Wheaton, is adjusting to having his new girl friend in town. (Episode 1 he met her, but she lived out of town and was only visiting.)


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