Cover Art

Are you an up and coming artist looking to build your portfolio? Have a school project on, say, book cover design, that you need to complete? Do you get excited about new ideas and enjoy working with authors? Okay, that last question may be unfair; I’m not sure how easy it is to work with authors.

The Cord Wheaton Saga is looking for some cover art. There, I said it. Take a look at The Undead Candidate, you’ll see what I mean. (As far as what NOT to do!) I am working on several ideas myself, but welcome others to submit their ideas and earn the right to be published!

Get your name in digital print. (And later, real print, when the collection comes out.) Retain copyright of your work. Enjoy fame, for–well, okay, that might be a stretch right now, but who knows? And: Get a free copy of the book!


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