If you’ve read the first episode you are aware that Jenny is moving to St. Pete.

She’s arriving today. Cord agreed with her, reluctantly, that he should not pick her up at the airport. Let her get settled first, that’s what she said. Who was he to argue? He was busy, anyway, learning his new job as detective, learning how his fellow officers worked.

And he had to keep quiet. The theater was cleaned up and no one appears to care. Or they didn’t notice. He wasn’t sure which answer was correct. But if he kept going on about zombies, well, he’d never advance, and might find himself looking for a new career very quickly.

Coming this Halloween, episode 2 in the Cord Wheaton Saga – Help! A Zombie Ate My Candy!
(The above is not part of episode 2 but just link between the first 2 stories.)

Announcement: Up and coming artists! Are you looking to add to your portfolio? Are you willing to work gratis? (Hey, I’m an unknown author, give me a break!) I’m looking for a cover artist for episode 2. (Okay, okay, I’ll buy you lunch or dinner.) Comment here or through my contact page. Episodes will be coming out every month. (See the publishing page for working titles of the next few episodes.)

I am looking forward to an exciting series!


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